الثلاثاء، 25 يونيو 2013

A fragment

My song is but a guess,
a dream in fancy dress
- "a hymn of address"-
the tyrant may repress
his people in distress
and get away with this
but yet he never gets
a faithful congress
his folks all confess
that what he does with press
will get him even less
than I might even guess!

Note: The above fragment is part of a larger poem, written round 2009, and was lost due to nothing but utter carelessness.

ملحوظة: هذه الفقرة هي جزء من قصيدة أكبر ، كُتِبَت في حوالي العام 2009 ، و لكنها قد فُقِدَت لا لسبب عدا الإهمال.

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